Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well, I'm quite sure nobody still checks our blog, but just in case, I thought I'd share another wordy update. I haven't even been taking pictures, so even if it did work, I wouldn't have much to post. FYI, I even tried starting a new blog, and I had problems with that. Do you think it's me?
  • picture of big red truck here. So, Patrick has a work truck! It's really nice, I've ridden in it. He's thrown himself into this new job, I'm so proud of him. He's having to do quite a bit of reorganization, nearly starting from scratch with building clientele. Lots to overcome, but L]limitless opportunity!
  • picture: boxes of kleenex. The whole family has been sick the past few weeks, and I get the prize for the sickest, I think. Colds, and then the stomach flu for a few days. I can only remember a few days in the past 3 years when I absolutely could not take care of my kiddos, and this was one of them. I'm amazed they survived, Charlie not falling down stairs or me not dropping him. Hannah would get out pieces of bread to feed Charlie, and they carried around snacktraps of cereal. Hannah spent her first night away from home!
  • picture: patrick in camo. Patrick went pheasant hunting for the first time, and he did so well, he got 3. (They were good, but I got sick the next day, so it might be a while before I eat them again.) We got him all outfitted, and part of that was waterproof, warm boots. He was gone for 12 hrs, actually hunting for 9 or so. Walking through grass taller than he, lifting those boots, he actually couldn't walk the next day. It was a sorry sight around here. But he had fun.
  • picture: cut up credit cards. We are out of credit card debt! I am excited about this, but it did come at great personal sacrifice, so I am taking it seriously. We still have a Lowe's card, and some leftover from one of Charlie's surgeries, but we're on a roll. (apparently it's called the snowball something or other, thanks to Mr. Dave Ramsey)
  • picture: Hannah stuffing shoeboxes. We actually use the sturdy plastic tubs with the removable lids, but we still call them shoeboxes. This year she's old enough to pick out items to put in them, and then we went online and watched a promo video from Samaritan's Purse. She payed attention really well, but when it ended I was crying so much I couldn't explain more or pray over our boxes. Any opportunity to share Christ's love and message with a hurting child is always amazing, but to share that with my child is special indeed. Some people try to raise children without influencing them one way or another, without pushing their own beliefs on them. I, on the other hand, try to brainwash/indoctrinate my children any chance I get, through any means! Something God said about when you sit down, when you get up, writing it all over your house, etc. She said she wanted to give somebody her box personally. I told her she can, one day!( you can give a box too!)
  • Hannah knows nearly all her letters, and some of the sounds they make. Her numbers came first, maybe she'll be a mathematician instead of a writer. Preschool hasn't been terribly regular these days, but she's doing great anyways. Charlie is getting more teeth, finally. And I'm confident he will walk soon! If you want to see how they're growing, I guess you'll have to come visit.

Monday, November 01, 2010

"I know the plans I have for you" - God

so for those of you who have not been with us since the beginning, let me recap:

when i was much younger, I had my life all planned out. It began with getting married immediately after college, and having a baby approximately 2 yrs later. i am soooooo grateful that isn't how it worked out. we all know life doesn't always go how we imagined, and patrick and i have experienced that time and time again.

fall 2005: get back from Africa, move directly to Longview, TX, get married 2 mos later. now that was a whirlwind. go through a few random jobs before I get my dream job at an amazing gym. Patrick and I live in a little apartment, life is good.

fall 2006: I'm at that job exactly 2 wks before we get pregnant with Hannah. Patrick was in school full time, he had a full year to go.

summer 2007 We switch the apt out for a little house we bought close to campus. I work full time till a month before she's born, then we struggle through the fall.

spring 2008 Patrick gets a job with Premier Aircraft Sales, immediately after graduation. we sell the house. we move to Opelika, Alabama. Buy another house, put in flower beds and a vegetable garden, paint the bedrooms, have block parties with the neighbours, all for approx. 10 mos, at which point Patrick has the opportunity for a promotion. So, we sell that house, and move to Dallas.

fall 2008 after losing so much selling our last house, we rent in Frisco, north of Dallas. During this time, Patrick works as regional sales manager. A few months after the move, he's informed his contract has been changed and there will be no salary, only comission. Due to financial constraints at Premier, he home offices for much of our time there. we get pregnant with charlie right after moving.

summer 2009 charlie's born, I'm staying busy working at church and keeping other kids at home. We're really starting to make friends, get to know the small universe of dallas/ft worth, and looking around for where we want to buy a house. Business, however, is not going great.

spring 2010 patrick finally decides he's given premier all he can, and he resigns. THAT VERY AFTERNOON he is presented with a job opportunity in pratt, Ks, just down the road from where he grew up. However, this means leaving aviation. Being a pilot wasn't just a job, it was Patrick's lifelong dream. Giving up aviation was a huge sacrifice for Patrick. However, unable to deny the coincidences, we soon accept. A few months later, we're packing up and moving to Pratt.

summer 2010 we stay in a rent house for a little while till we finalize the sale of our new house. night before the closing, a wall collapses. we step back and think about what we want to do, decide to proceed, but it takes months before we can move. During this time, and since, we pour so much into this house, financially, emotionally, and physically. We have high hopes for selling this house down the road, at a profit.

10 days ago patrick hears his company is being sold, and there will be no jobs for anyone. we cry, we are speechless with disbelief, we are very confused and possibly angry at being led into this situation only to have it turn out this way, but most of all, we decide: we ain't movin. no packing, no more unsettled, no more pizza on paper plates, no more introducing ourselves to the neighbours, at least for another few years. we dont' know what we're going to do, but whatever it is, it's happening here. or at least within a commutable distance.

7 days ago Patrick is offered a job with a local company, managing one of their divisions. completely new field, but basically sales in a managerial position. Today, he accepts this new job, and starts Wednesday. more details later.

take a moment to catch your breath, as i feel the need to do when i think of the changes that have happened in the last 5 yrs. another bend in the road; we'll see where it leads.