Tuesday, July 31, 2007

At Last!!

She's here!!!! She's perfect in every way: 6lbs. 11 0z. & 21" long. Jana's doing great. More to come tomorrow.

Monday, July 16, 2007

just some random pictures

so i spoke at a VBS last week, and just for the fun of it, tried on my Senegalese clothes. they actually did up, but i decided to pass.
patrick got his birthday present early this year, when we finally got a barbecue. he's been doing all kinds of stuff, like beer can chicken. you put the beer can inside the chicken, open, and just leave it on the grill. it was amazing.

since i asked so many people for advice about my July 4th dessert, i thought i'd put up the finished product. it turned out ok, and it was fun. thanks for your help.
we had a wonderful visit with the crisps over memorial day. they came out, with brett and jes, who are getting married in september. so exciting! we also had a great visit with my dad and bunny, but we didn't take any pictures.
so we're kind of just waiting. my mom gets here soon, pray for her canadian blood and the texas heat! most of you know, we are having the baby at home, and we've been practicing. i think we're as ready as we can be. patrick's flying all he can. he is flight instructing through the company he started, flyn high aviation. he's working so hard, and it's going well. just one more semester of school!!!

we appreciate your prayers , not just about the baby, but God's will for us right now in general. There are alot of decisions to be made come December, and we're excited about the possibilities. We really feel God is wanting to teach us what it means to truly be disciples of Christ in this current world, and what that looks like for us. all in all, we're happy to be here, and be alive! Thanks for checking our blog.

alright guys, i am taking over the blogging responsibility for the Crisp household. I caved. it may not be every day, but it will be more often than it has been.

but give me some grace, because i've never used a blog before. we're doing great, nothing to report. we took a few days last week to go to beavers bend state park, in oklahoma, to spend some concentrated time together before the baby. Having spent quite a bit of time in cottages, i had high expectations. however, i didn't take into account the weather. it didn't just rain. it flooded and thunderstormed for about 36 hours. i've never heard so much constant thunder. should be romantic, right, just the two of us in our little cabin, we can play games and drink hot chocolate. well, that got old fast. by the end of the first day, we drove into town to get chinese food and go to a movie. i know, i know. but we made up for it later, with lots of fishing, hiking, and swimming. even in the rain!

when my friend the bloggermeister gets back hungary, i will get some help with the layouts. until then, just put your own captions under the pictures. one picture is what we woke up to our first morning: the impassable road. happened only twice in 30 yrs, apparently. that was fun. anyways, we ended up having an absolutely wonderful time. we did have a little sun the day we left. it is so beautiful, and the water was SO cold, it reminded me of kenora. except there are also alot of hiking trails, and streams. basically, my dream come true. alas, i couldn't get patrick to hide out in the hills forever with me, so we came back to longview.