Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cows and smiles

so my little stinker is finally sleeping. this is her first nap all day, and it's 3.30! suggestions, anyone? she's growing like a weed, as they say. i can definitely tell. she spent her first night in the crib in her own room the other day. i felt like she was going off to college. :-( but she's doing good.
we went to the fair the other day, where hannah saw her first cow. i tried to find the smallest one. we also saw tigers, which was a first for the whole family. we wanted to go on the ferris wheel, but they were going to charge for her, even though she's just along for the ride. (get it? i know, i'm stupid)
this is my savior while i take a shower. she usually lasts about 10-15 minutes in it, i put it on the floor in the bathroom. and yes, she's smiling alot these days.

patrick organized a fly-in (people bring their planes and give rides) and barbeque for his fraternity last week, and he's here multitasking. this is hannah's favourite position.
alas, she doesn't spend as much time here as i like, but isn't she sweet when she does? looks so little in that huge crib.
daddy helping nanners take a bath.
please, enough of the paparazzi already!

a big hannah smile.
so all parents know this story. you suspect a dirty diaper, you change her, you think you can contain it, you don't get a changing pad, just use the couch, but wait, she wasn't done. so jana grabs the closest thing, a walmart bag, we wait till she's done, and go straight to the bath. oh the joys.

alas, things are not always this peaceful. but it makes for a good picture, right? this is my world, right here. and i wouldn't change it for anything.
i started babysitting about 15 hrs/wk for a friend's two little ones. i can take hannah with me, and it's working out so far. keeps us busy. i also planted a fall vegetable garden, so hopefully i take the time to take care of it. if i do, we'll have our own lettuce, carrots, broccoli, and cabbage all fall. i also started playing in the longview youth symphony. i never practice, but it's fun anyways. patrick babysits for me. we also enjoy going to his softball games every wednesday. especially last night, because they won! i can't believe it's almost october. we are praying about what to do in december, when patrick graduates. we're excited to see where God leads us. thanks for taking the time to check up on us.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

home again

so we are finally back in tx, after 10 days away. It was long, but a wonderful trip. First we went to Brett (Patrick's brother) and Jes's wedding, then saw my family in charlotte. I stayed for a few extra days, and my family helped me with the baby while i recovered from my wisdom teeth surgery. fun stuff. I did the 2 upper ones, and i do the lower ones next week. I'm so sick of soup and smoothies!

this is patrick's puppy that we found on the side of the road. no, we didn't keep him. things are crazy enough around here right now. but he's cute, eh? then this is uncle brett meeting his niece.

while in NC, we stopped at a beautiful covered bridge. Nana and Grandma Jan watched Hannah while we went for a walk.

the wedding was beautiful. Here's the best man and one of his two favourite girls, all dressed up.

so as you can see, the nanners has come between us in more ways than one. but good ways :-).

brett and his beautiful wife jes live near Greensboro, NC. we're excited she's part of the family. finally, the girls outnumber the boys in the crisp family (4 to 3).
we stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast with the crisps. Patrick's parents live in virginia, and his grandparents in kansas.

Hannah got to spend a little time with her cousins, Kennedy (3) and Parker (1).

My mom was in Charlotte seeing my sister, so we got to see her some too. Did we mention Hannah can read already? well, soon, anyways.

My dad and Bunny got to meet Hannah too, but i don't have any pictures yet of them. We had some professional pictures done (thanks Chad) that we'll have up as soon as I get them. Things are going well, she weighed 8.5 today. we've had significant nursing problems that have really disappointed me, but I am learning to accept things as they are. She's here and healthy, so we are so thankful for that. Patrick's getting busy with school again. Last semester!