Wednesday, July 30, 2008

finally back

so, we're now back from canada, but in virginia with the crisps for a few days. we had a great time in kenora at the cottage, but those pictures will come later. for now, here's the backlog of pictures from our every day life in alabama

we have really been enjoying the farmers market auburn has, especially in the absence of our garden. in addition to the usual fruits and vegetables, we also have a granary that sells all kinds of wheat, rice, oatmeal, cornmeal, etc, then coffee, honey, shrimp, a goat dairy farm, and all kinds of things. most of the above stuff is food for hannah, to be put in the freezer. except the giant bag of pink eyed peas. it's alot cheaper to buy it whole then shell it yourself, which took awhile, but it was cool. and i made spaghetti sauce out of the tomatoes. she's been eating the collards, too. which is more than i can say for anybody else in the family :-). we've frozen a ton of blueberries and berries, too. oh, i made my bread from scratch the other day, and unfortunately i liked it much better than the breadmaker bread. i probably won't do it all the time, but it was kind of an accomplishment. unfortunately, hannah's moved in to this really picky eater stage where the only thing guaranteed she'll eat is bread. so i'm sticking all kinds of vegetables in to the bread. a la jessica seinfeld. but i'm pretty sure mothers have been doing that way before her!

hannah and madeleine, one of the kids i used to watch but they are moving to maine. hannah learned alot from playing with her, i think. we enjoyed playing outside, alabama heat notwithstanding.

hannah helping me make supper

her hair's been growing alot, and we've kind of got a mullet going on. it didn't really show up in the picture, though

it's so fine it just sticks straight up

after looking on craigs list, freecycle, and the paper with out much luck, we finally caved and bought a picnic table. we put it together one night, and by the next morning. . .

we could enjoy our blueberry pancakes on the patio.

so i'm not sure how kids get attached to things, but hannah for some reason gravitated towards her bunny. i dont' even remember where we got it from. but i thought we should have a reserve bunny, because she really is in love with the bunny. and what with all the traveling, i didn't trust that we could keep track of it. and i have to wash it, occasionally. but carters doesn't make it anymore, so i looked on ebay and found it for the bargain price of $30. i know. ridiculous. but, parents do strange things. somehow, she got ahold of old bunny and reserve bunny, though.

a big day in the life of a little girl. yes, she's american :-( just kidding. it's a wonderful priviledge, i know. but still kind of strange.

so since she's getting to be such a big girl, i thought i might start to distance myself from having to be a part of her morning routine (that way patrick can get up at six and let me sleep!) . so, enter the bottle. not sure what i was thinking, i knew she wouldn't drink it. she did, however, hang on to it like a life preserver all morning. she wouldn't drink it, but it was a big hit nonetheless. she wouldn't let me take it back :-)

patrick's been ridiculously busy these days, it should slow down in september. we will be apart for 2.5 wks this time. the longest ever! sorry again about the delay, but glad you're back with us. hope everyone is enjoying their summers!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

so, we did replace our camera. unfortunately, this one takes a different memory card. so we had to go buy another memory card. then the new card doesn't fit in our computer. so we have to get an adapter, which they didn't have at best buy. apparently we have to order one. alot of excuses, i know, but we should get organized soon. just think of how much bigger hannah will be when you finally see her!