Friday, March 28, 2008

I wrote this on flight last week from Gulf Shores, AL to Auburn, AL. This explains a lot about who I am, and why I love to fly...

The Symphony Above
I heard it once not long ago,
That all familiar sound.
A harmony of intense delight,
The sky proclaims so magnificently in flight.

Words cannot describe this music of the sky.
Both sight and sound, a song it sings, for those who dwell upon His wings.
My heart, my mind, my soul collide,
Among the clouds above.
Though not that loud, this symphony,
In me, His song is made complete.

A dream of flight alive, a life I could not dream.
The sky proclaims His glory grand,
As I soar into His hands.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the next batch

getting ready for patrick to fly us to atlanta

vermont is so picturesque. i loved it!

my little snow bunny

my family babysitting so i could ski a bit

big cousin, little cousin.

all together now

babysitting again for me

Monday, March 24, 2008

i'm going to do my pictures in stages, since we have so many. these are from before we went to vermont. when we moved in, somebody gave us a welcome basket. it's worked out great as a toy basket in the kitchen. but she gets stuck in it, and then crawls and drags it with her. it's pretty funny.

patrick found out about a giant flea market/garage sale, and like any husband of the year, took me to it instead of trying to make sure i never found out about it. this chair was one of our great finds. it's in the corner of our bedroom, perfect for reading!

the rest of our loot. the toys have been the best investment by far. especially that table, she loves it! the tall skinny ceramic thing is a wine cooler. who knew? and only 50 cents! right now it just sits on the kitchen table :-).

this was our best cheat night ever. (probably because we made it ourselves). barbequed chicken nachos, with white mexican cheese. oh yeah! (then i had a stomache all night. i ate more than patrick!)

hannah at the aforementioned table. you can set it to spanish, too, so she can learn all the numbers and colours in spanish.

right before we left for vermont, we got snow here. it was so wierd.

she loves looking out the window. especiallly if it's open. i think she liked the snow.

ok, more later!
i'm so glad this is finally working.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

long overdue

I promise i've tried to update a couple times in the last few weeks, but either the memory card or the camera is having problems. the pictures look fine on the camera, but when i open them up on the computer, they're 75% grey. as in , you can only see the top quarter of the picture. thoughts, anyone who is more tech savvy than myself?
so we'll have to go with words being worth a thousand pictures.

Hannah and I, and then patrick, were really sick the week before we left. I thought we'd done really well this year, but it got up with us. Then we had a very good time traveling, for the most part. due to the time change, long security lines, and overbooked flights, we spent 12, yes 12, hrs in the atlanta airport. which would have been bad by myself, but with hannah, it was close to a nightmare. it was a miracle that we got out that night at all. then we got to boston, where lara had waited for us, and drove the 4 hrs to vermont. we were there for 5 nights, then came back to boston one night and we were supposed to go to atlanta where patrick was picking us up in the plane, but the weather was bad so he stayed in tennessee, and we stayed another night with lar. which was INCREDIBLY gracious of her, becaues hannah has started teething in earnest, and for a few nights there she would cry for hours. nothing i tried would work. and she has a little apartment. here are my top ten memorable moments, in no particular order.
  1. the people i met in the airport during our stay there: 2 senegalese at the atlanta bread co., a lovely ethiopian woman who worked in the food court who held hannah so i could eat lunch, the gentleman at the customer service counter who must have had a direct line from God because he got me a seat, countless strangers who let Hannah crawl around/over/on them (it was so busy we were on the floor the whole day, no chairs available), the really cool girl i sat next to when we finally got on the plane (she happened to go to lar's church in boston). these people made it bearable.
  2. my family, for subsidizing my trip, watching hannah so i could ski a few times, letting me borrow their lift ticket, and putting up with us in general. i am so grateful!
  3. appreciating the beauty of vermont in the winter while driving back and forth to the ski hill many times even though i didn't get to ski much. it was beautiful!
  4. the 5 (yes, i counted) runs i did get to take. that made the 12 hr. wait worthwhile. i love skiing!
  5. maple syrup, maple sugar candy, maple fudge, maple wine, etc. Also they have alot of dairies in vermont, and other kinds of farms, and antique shops, and cute little towns and even a ben and jerry's factory. can't beat that!
  6. having fun with my family, especially one particular night where we played scattergories and laughed. alot. it was really fun.
  7. watching hannah play with her cousins.
  8. lar's exceptional hospitality while we crashed with her. we kept her up ALL night, but she even invited us back. the tiny bit of boston i got to see this trip was great.
  9. going to her restaurant, 28 degrees. i never would have been able to afford it, but she wanted me to come, so hannah and i sat in a corner, really early before many others were there. lar brought me plate after plate of things to try. (in my defense, it is a tapas restaurant.) wonderful wonderful things, that i could never get where i live. also a blueberry basil martini, peach bellini, and grapefruit martini (and no, i didn't drink all of them). then she packaged up what i couldn't eat and sent me home in a taxi with 2 different kinds of desserts. hannah or no hannah, it was still heavenly!
  10. finally getting to see patrick!

i'll work on the pictures later. i think i have a part time nanny job again. a 7mo old (in addition to hannah) and a 22 mo old, two days a week. i'd have my hands full. good practice, right?

we've planted flowers now, but then it snowed so they may have frozen. hopefully i'll get a garden going too. the crisps are coming down to visit after easter, so we're excited about that. then we have a busy few months with traveling. hannah's going to be one before i know it!

anyways, check back soon for the blasted pictures.