Saturday, October 23, 2010

technical difficulties with the blog. again.

so, i can't get any pictures to upload. anybody else having that problem? it isn't my computer, i think it's a blog problem. we had a great visit with my dad last weekend, and we've been working really hard on the house, one of these days i'll have to take some pictures of the house. so in absence of pictures a few news bites:
  • i have stitches for the first time in my life! in my mouth, not fun. as far as surgery goes, even minor outpatient surgery, it really wasn't that bad. he cut open a flap in the roof of my mouth, attached a chain to the delinquent adult tooth, and sewed it back up, and now the orthodontist can pull on the chain that's attached to my braces, and in another 18 mos, i should no longer look like a hillbilly.
  • we are no longer carolina panthers fans. seeing as how their games are never on tv here, we can't talk about it with anybody here, and, let's face it, they suck, patrick has exercised leadership in this area and decided we are kansas city chiefs fans. maybe next year we'll go to a game!
  • hannah is night time potty trained! we just took off the pull ups, and she hasn't had a single accident. we're quite shocked. i had her bed made with two layers of plastic sheets, i wouldn't let her drink hours before bed, we woke up her in the middle of the night, everything. but apparently she's got it under control. literally. yeah hannah!
  • charlie is not walking. i thought that would have made a good news piece if he were though :-).
  • I am starting up an hourly childcare business, in hopes of getting some investment capital for the preschool i want to do in the fall. Hannah and I are both enjoying the unstructured approach we have now (fyi, she's now working on counting 10-20, and recognizing those numbers as well. i'm so proud of her!) however, i think i would also really enjoy teaching another 4 or 5 kids, as well. i'm already planning out activities, and researching how i watn to stock my centers: music in one corner, art in another, reading, science, etc. I want to have an ant farm, and get them involved in my garden. i want it to be very hands on, as they learn. now that charlie's party is over, i need something to keep me up at night! i do want to host a christmas drop in for our neighbourhood, though. . . :-)
  • patrick's good, working so hard at the house. soon i'll itemize everything he's done. it's amazing!

if anyone has thoughts on my blog problems, let me know!


Meghan said...

If you're no longer a Panthers fan I think we can no longer be friends :(

One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hi Mrs. Jana!

This is Kimber Wassenberg. I don't know if you remember us (the Wassenbergs) but we used to attend Hanover Friends Church in VA. Daddy and Mommy were on the worship team...Mama talked to you a few times (I think!)...we were a "large family"...and that's all I can think of to give you a hint of who we are! :)

Anyways, you said you were having problems with your blog and uploading photos. I was having the exact same problem on our blog! I was really upset because I upload tons of photos...but, back to the subject...I started a new feed on the blogger forum about my problems. Within a week or two I had another 6 people leaving comments saying that they were having the exact same problems too!

Anyways, the other day I tried to upload photos again. This time (instead of just "uploading" all day) I had a message appear that told me I had used up all of the memory space on blogger and that it couldn't fit any more photos on our blog. So, we have to pay $5 a year for another 20 MB of storage space. I think (before I had to pay for the 20 MB) I had only used up 1 MB - but don't quote me on this!

So, I don't know if that helped or not...but one of your problems could be that you have no more memory space available. We've had our blog for 2 years and have uploaded over 4,000 photos...just to give you an idea of how many pictures you should be able to store on your blog! :)

Hope that helps!
God bless,
Kimber Wassenberg :)

P.S. - My sisters and I enjoy reading your blog! Hannah and Charlie are so cute! :) My oldest sister, Hannah, claims that you named your daughter after her! ;) :-D

J. et K. said...

Wow - changing football allegiance! This is serious business :)

Hannah is a genius. I knew it.

How's the biz going? That's a great idea - totally uses your gifts and talents.

Oh, and the blog photos thing was a problem lots of people had. I'm guessing it's fixed now.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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