Friday, September 17, 2010

apparently my life is flying by because i thought it had been only a few days since i update, and here it is, almost 2 wks. this is just a little example of how much hannah, uh, helps me out! she loves to climb in charlie's crib and play with him, so often in the morning or when he wakes up from his nap and is crying, she'll go entertain him and i'll get a few more minutes of productiveness. i guess it's actually productivity. anyways, she loves dumping everything out in one huge pile. but then when it comes to picking it up. . . ! there's a giant trash bag of toys sitting in the closet for that exact reason. the toy jail is full these days. but then i think, if she can keep herself so amused when she's missing half her toys, can i just go ahead and take the bag to goodwill?

now that's what i call pizza dough!

i can't get over her pose here. the eyes and everything, her finger on the pastry brush. like she's doing a cooking show. when i have the patience for it, i love cooking with hannah. there's alot she does already, like peel garlic or pull the herb leaves of the stems. and, apparently, brush oil on the pizza crust.

"Alright guys, i'm all ready for my first haircut. let's get this show on the road!"

"uh, i'm sorry, what did you say was going to happen? he's going to come at me with scissors? yeah. . . "

"well, i can see your point. it is getting kind of long around the ears. but only if i can play with this nifty brush."

"careful now. my do is important! i dont' want to lose my reputation with the ladies at playgroup"

"alright, alright. i'm diggin it!"
mommy thinks he got a little carried away with the razor, and should have stopped after the scissors. but he's a boy, it'll grow back fast!

my next batch of supercharlie food: quinoa, lentils, butternut squash, collard greens, and beets.
if only we all ate like that! (right, patrick? :-)

turns around to see if i'm watching. . .

and yep, he's going for it! i can't believe he's big enough to reach the doorknob. and that type is so much easier to open. patrick got it for me because he knew how my hands are always full, and it's helpful to just use an elbow to open the door. but i forgot it's also alot easier for the crisplings.

so, we finally had a cool day. that would be, something under 100. ok, maybe i'm exaggerating, but just a little, honestly. i had a hot chocolate craving (more specifically a starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate craving. alas, they don't even make that anymore). so i decided we should start a tradition of making hot chocolate on the first real fall day of the year. i would love to say it was all happily ever after, but our milk had gone bad. we didn't know this until after we wasted the time and ingredients making it. does anybody know if raw milk goes bad faster? or is it because it's whole, as opposed to the skim we used to get. i don't know, but we never get through the gallon before it goes bad.

she's getting so strong! this adorable outfit was made by Grandma (my mom).

i mentioned how much she loves puzzles. i got her a new one to challenge her a little bit. we did it together, but i really only helped with the border. she is learning so much these days. the other day we were talking about food, and i mentioned protein, and started listing different protein sources she eats. she piped up with, what about eggs, mommy? i said yes, eggs too. are you learning your food groups? she says, yes, in homeschool, just like my letters! (that isn't something we talk about specifically much, because the word school just isn't that important at three. but apparently she already knows what's going on!)
also heard around town:
  • mother and daughter and baby are in store. mother is on phone with mother in law, and distracted by son in cart. mother periodically loses daughter, and calls to her. daughter responds, loudly enough for other shoppers to hear: "mommy! don't bother me!" (it's unfortunate that rebellion can sometimes seem so cute, isn't it?)
  • H has a certain CD called animal songs, from the cd display at walmart. it's one of those things she begs to listen to ALL. THE. TIME. i simply must have a break occasionally. instead of expressing myself appropriately, i have been known to yell, in response to begging, NO! because i am so sick of your animal songs cd. sooooo, other day I make chicken pot pie. i thought it was the best chicken pot pie ever. i used leftover gravy, maybe that's why. anyways, H decided she doesn't like it. i tell her to eat more. no, she says. are you full? no, my tummy's sick. oh, you don't feel well? no, i'm just sick of this food. just like you're sick of my cd. whoops.
  • daddy and H are talking before bed. H refers back, all in a jumble, to numerous convos H and mommy had throughout the day. relating to babies, nursing, marriage, and for some reason the 2nd coming of Jesus. (not sure how that related, but anyways.) H tells daddy she is going to get married to a boy, and we don't know his name yet, but Jesus knows his name. she then tells daddy this boy will give her babies. (now those weren't even my words, so don't think i'm getting all scientific on her already.) he will also have blonde hair, blue eyes, and be able to do this (insert picture of Hannah making fish face here.) You mean he'll kiss you? (i ask because mommy and daddy do like to kiss, even in front of children. gasp!) no, not kiss, just fish face. she will also have a pink and purple wedding ring.

my charlie man is such a climber. he can't walk, but he climbs up anything he can. he gets in hannah's rocking chair and stands up. (we have all hardwood, so i don't like this stunt). he climbs up the slide, as far as he can. he speeds his way all the way up the stairs. on his way to the rocking chair or horse, actually. i can't believe i have a preschooler and a toddler, not a toddler and a baby. (a toddler who just got himself 2nd degree burns on 3 fingers, from the oven door :-(. he really doesn't seem like a baby any more either because we're pretty much free of each other in the nursing dept. I wasn't tired of nursing, just the stupid supplementer. so, no more mixing up formula. when i get sad thinking about moving on from that stage, i just think, hey, no more corn syrup solids for charlie! (if you don't know the whole story i understand that sounds confusing. just roll with it. i'd be happy to explain later :-).
oh, if it weren't blurry, this might be the sweetest picture ever taken of any 1yr old boy. i love how intent he is on his tractor, a birthday gift from grandma loretta and grandpa alvin. whenever i get it out for him to play with, hannah swipes it, though.
next week david and des are coming for a few days, then mom and lar are coming the weekend of charlie's party, then dad and bunny the next weekend. i'm really excited about the company! we kind of get bored here :-) so, whoever comes, can you bring me a pumpkin spice latte? :-)


pious soul said...

Hey you have a lovely family..cute kids..
Always remain happy :-)

ThisIsAlx said...

Cute babies!!!! and nice pictures, the sun is soo nice... i cant wait till the snow goes away and the summer arrives!! Its so cool ur little girl saw a BEAR!!! i when like =O WOW when i saw that picture lol

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cute baby

raquel unhas said...

que lindos.

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